Tuesday, July 12, 2011

♡Nars 'Taj Mahal' Blush♡

OH yes! I am crushing over NARS' blush! I was never really keen on the cliché beauty idea of "beauty is pain" ... you know like, oh sayyyy wearing incredibly dangerous but gorgeous high heels that no human being  can possibly walk more than a consistent block in without risking her poor ankles...and lets face it, social indentity, when she embarrassingly falls ass last to the ground! Another one is waxing ☹OUCHES☹ or shopping throughout the mall carrying 3 H&M bags, 1 humongo F21 bag and 2 Zara bags full of gorgeous garments weighing down your two poor arms...doing this, holding a figi and texting is not completely ideal folks! Or...yea the list could go on but you catch my drift! The concept is clear but the point remains flawed however, remarkably accepted...whoever started that aged beauty mantra is insane...but aren't we all?? 

When I purchased NARS 'Taj Mahal' I cried a bit cause I knew I wasn't getting the lump of cash back and I asked myself is it really worth it?? Then, picked up the tester, felt the velvet textured product, glided it across my skin and I literally glowed! The hues in this blush are stunning! The pink, yellow and gold dust undertones are quite intriguing. However, the underlying  fact is, the color of this blush isn't traditional at all and it's daring which, my friends, makes this product even more exceptional and one of a kind.

For an amazing low price of 22 dollars....okay.. who am I really kidding, that's crazy talk expensive for  b l u s h O__o 
but take it from me, it might be worth your while...indulge. Treat yourself. Smile.
Blush On
Exact Color

True To Color Swatch

The packaging is gorgeous & sleek as always. The trusty NARS' 'Black and White' minimalist esthetic with a compacted, convenient mirror is satisfactory overall.

You can find NARS 'Taj Mahal' online or at your nearest NARS Cosmetic store or Sephora. OR if you're not completely sold you can always slap on some bronzer to those cheeks with a dab of orange eyeshadow here and there and then...voilà! you've got yourself a dupe my friend:) Imagination is key when your money is funny folks ☺ Well 'to each his own'...now that's a mantra we all should incorporate in our fussy beauty world ☻

Here's a video of my review on this blush.. Enjoy.

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