Sunday, July 10, 2011

♡Homemade Sugar & Honey Bikini Wax♡

We all know that razors can be our worst and best friends. They're convenient, easy to use, mess free, and cost friendly. However, with the glorifications of this hair removal technique there are also the cons such as, razor bumps, fast hair regrowth,  seemingly thicker  hair growth appearance, accidental cuts etc. Also, depending on the brand of the razor, you may find yourself spending 15-20 dollars on extra razors and shaving creams, not to mention products to prevent razor bumps and healing creams! So now that we think of it, this is starting to not be friendly as to my wallet as we thought nor is it  always friendly to my skin...what now??

Well, there are several different ways  to removing hair on your body such as using depilatory creams and laser hair removal  treatments, some of which can be costly, wayyyy too messy or just not effective. Today, however, we're going to talk about waxing. Wax hair removal can be performed at your nearest licensed esthetician or it can be done within the comfort of your own home performed by you...yes YOU! I know it can seem overwhelming with all the different types of wax and different techniques of waxing and all the mess that can come with it, but when it comes down to it,  hair removal is our target and we can achieve a hairless body with supplies I'm sure you already have in your household. However, if you don't have the supplies needed for todays waxing job, trust me when I say, they're inexpensive and easy to come by. So for all you hair waxing skeptics out there who can't stand the pain of waxing, don't enjoy the sticky mess and don't have the time, here's my relatively mess free, sorta painless and easy way for wax hair removal...oh and by the way you won't need to do this again for another 2-6 weeks...imagine that :) Talk to ya later razor!

Before we start here's a list of the supplies you'll need.




Okay, you've gathered all your items, correct?? Good. Now it's time to prep your skin. 

If necessary take aspirin or use numbing cream for a less painful experience. Personally, I don't have a high tolerance for pain,  I'm a good ol' fashioned wimp but this process isn't extremely painful either so needless to say, you can probably skip the pill popping process and head on over to the next suggested step.

Pat baby powder on the area you'll be applying the wax. What this helps to do is absorbs the oils from your skin so that the wax will adhere properly.

For Bikini waxing, cut up about 10-12  medium sized rectangles of muslin/cotton fabric

Here's how to easily make your own Sugar & Honey Bikini Wax
1: Pour HONEY in a hand-pot on your stove at a medium heat for a bout 1 minute. Stir.
2: Add SUGAR & LEMON & and mix thoroughly with HONEY.
3: Let this mixture heat up for 10 minutes. Stir periodically.
4: Turn off stove & let the wax cool down for about 5-10 minutes
5: Pour wax mixture from the hand-pot into your plastic bowl.
6: Let the wax cool down or put it in the refridgerator for about 5-10 minutes.


Now take your bowl of wax and test to see if it is tacky with your wooden popsicle stick. If it's tacky then it's ready, you may have to reheat the wax in the microwave for about 10 seconds. If the wax is too hard it won't adhere properly but make sure it's not a super drippy consistency either. When it's too drippy and there's no resistance to the wax then it won't adhere properly as well, plus, that is a sign that the wax is too hot.

Next step, use your popsicle stick to apply a thin amount of wax towards the direction of the hair growth, pat down the strip of fabric on to the wax,  and in a quick taut motion remove the fabric towards the direction of hair growth. ALL DONE☻

The hair is gone! Now repeat this till you've removed the desired amount of hair...told you it'd be easy

Don't forget to apply BABY OIL afterwards to sooth your skin and exfoliate your skin gently and daily to prevent ingrown hairs. I also use hydrocortisone cream daily to help soothe my skin as well.

Happy Waxing♥♥♥

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