Thursday, July 21, 2011

♡Full Face Foundation Routine in 10 Steps♡

My foundation routine is quite simple...

Okay...well it's not that simple but it's the jist of it all and today I'll walk you through the entire routine including the left out parts!

For starters I take great care of my skin..okay I'm lying...but I do try! It's really important to have a smooth canvas to work on and that is metaphorically speaking; my skin needs to be super smooth and healthy otherwise I don't bother putting any product on my face because my skin won't look good underneath the makeup. However, for the purpose of this blog, I did this foundation routine during one of my nasty breakouts. Needless to say, I do not have flawless skin, but immediately afterwards, I removed the makeup from my face.

Also, this routine is not daily, I use foundation only when I have something worthy on my agenda, other than that I don't use foundation everyday.

So let's begin, shall we?

♡1. I prep my face with a moisturizer that has at least 30 SPF otherwise I apply sunscreen over my face and let it settle into my skin. Lately I've been using Amore Pacific SPF 30 moisturizing sunscreen and/or Aveeno Oil Free Sunblock Spray SPF 70
no makeup

♡2. Apply a little water on your face with my foundation brush, this helps for the liquid foundation to apply easier and settle in evenly. You can also use a refreshing vitamin water spray (Ulta) or a moisturizing spray (I love the Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Spray it's heavenly)!

♡3. Dab a bit of foundation with your brush in four sections (both cheeks, forehead & chin), now buff evenly. Make sure you work up into hairline and past jawbone.
 PRODUCT- Maybelline Fit Me #220
foundation swipes
foundation blended

♡4. Your done with foundation...but not entirely
        ❥Using your fingers, dab concealer lightly underneath your eye done to the tip of your cheekbone.
          ❥Blend into tear duck, waterline and tip of cheekbone area with light swipes and dabs-this will ensure even application.
PRODUCT-Revlon Photoready Concealer in Medium
concealer swipes

♡5. Using a big face brush (tapered preferably) apply translucent setting powder or pressed foundation powder over your entire face making sure you get underneath your eye area. This ensures to lock in the moisture from the products you used making your face look mattified but not powdery or cake-like.
PRODUCT- Nars Pressed Foundation SPF12
setting foundation
foundation routine complete

♡6. Apply your favorite highlight along your cheekbones, corners of eyes, tip of nose and cupid's bow. This will give the illusion that your face is iridescent and pleasantly glowing where the light naturally hits your face.
    ❥ TIP: Highlight your eyes
      ❥Use a flesh toned pencil or even your concealer stick will do the trick and apply to your waterline to give the illusion of refreshed, wide eyes...white color can be too striking at times but works too..remember, a little can go a l   o   n   g way :)
left eye is lined-right eye is not

♡7. Using your eyebrow brush apply an eyebrow powder of your choice with light short strokes for an even and natural look. 
    ❥ TIP: Dab a bit of water/concealer to your eyebrow brush and l i g h t l y short stroke underneath you're eyebrow to clean up any possible fallout from the powder for a more polished esthetic.

♡8. M A S C A R A! When I'm not doing my over obsessed over done cat eye I opt to apply mascara on both top and both lashes for that W O W factor.
    ❥ TIP: With your fingers or a clean mascara wand apply Vasaline to your lashes, this will promote healthy lashes, give your lashes a volume and glow AND helps with the clumping from the mascara.

curling lashes

lashes curled & highlight applied
PRODUCT-Smashbox Photo Op

lengthening mascara applied
PRODUCT-Maybelline Lash Stiletto

volumizing mascara added
PRODUCT-Too Faced Lash Injection

♡9. Apply the lipstick or lipgloss and cheek product of your choice.

♡10. Smile...cause you're done :)

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  1. wow girl your eyes are so beautiful even without make up! what contacts are you wearing? i've been looking for blue lenses that aren't too unnatural on my dark skin color so i hope you can name me the brand/name and i'm gonna try those out :D